Loneliness, depression, isolation… this is what could lie ahead for Alexander, a 10-year-old kid with autism. Making contacts. Creating friendships. Feeling accepted. Being himself. This is what matters most to his mother who signed him up for the YMCA’s day camp and afterschool program. Now, everybody in the neighbourhood knows Alexander. His mother is relieved to see that he is part of a community that he can connect to.

At a time when social harmony is under constant threat, it is more important than ever to work towards a fair, inclusive, empathetic, safe and respectful society for people of all backgrounds. Reaching out to different communities is one of the YMCA’s core values.

At the Y, we do everything we can to create a more positive and inclusive environment in which everyone is respected and valued. We help people cultivate healthy relationships and encourage better communication. We also offer a welcoming support network where people can find the encouragement and tools they need to achieve their personal goals, no matter their age, origin, ability or income.

By making our services easier to access and by fostering an inclusive environment, YOU are creating a more harmonious society and helping our community members feel like they really belong.

Our impact


people received financial assistance from the YMCA to access our activities and services, a subsidy of $1.2 million.


children and parents benefited from our family support activities and our childcare services.


kids with special needs learned how to swim at day camp and summer camp