I was worried about my kids.
Now, I’m relieved.


If you met the Meflah children, you would find it hard to believe that they couldn’t speak French twelve months ago when they came to Canada from Algeria. Their parents, Salim and Sinsabel, were worried about the problems the kids were having at school. They couldn’t give them individual attention with their homework. So, they signed their kids up to the Y’s homework help program. What a relief! They made fast progress; they learned French, got better grades, made new friends… It was more than just homework help. It was a way for the whole family to integrate into their new country.

Isolation, school dropout, unemployment, bullying, crime, drug abuse… Unfortunately, not all kids get to grow up in an environment that encourages them to realize their full potential. Yet, the future of our community depends on the success of our youth. We need our young people to be independent, open towards others and actively engaged in the community.

This is why we help children and teens achieve their personal best academically, socially, emotionally and physically. In fact, our Youth Zone and school support programs improve their self-esteem, teach them lifelong social skills and encourage them to succeed.

By giving young people a chance to meet meaningful adult role models who show them how to make the right choices and become better people, YOU are helping them during the most important years of their lives.

Our impact


children created camp memories.


youths stayed in school thanks to our YMCA Alternative Suspension and Homework Help programs.


teens visited our Youth Zones.